For vendors

Panini is filled Italian bread known by the name of ciabatta. It’s traditionally filled with deli meat, cheese or vegetables. And what is it that has made everyone falls in love with the Panini? It’s simplicity. It’s always hot, fantastically crispy and full of flavour, just like if you were in Italy.



Convenience stores
Shopping centres
High traffic locations, gas stations, office areas
Schools, universities, hospitals
Sport venues
Cultural and leisure aktivity venues
Accommodation, hotels, hostels
Food providers (airlines, trains, military, construction)


Preparation of panini

Remove panini and serving bag from plastic packaging. Place panini into preheated grill and heat for 4 minutes. Serve panini on plate or carefully insert panini into serving bag.

Equipment and marketing support

Heavy-duty Grill
Plastic poster A1
Table stands
Wooden A-stand
Plastic A-stand